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While traditional SEO techniques could be relied on for high search engine rankings, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN are changing the nature of content on their results pages for improved user experiences. Google’s Universal Search results, for instance, has brought new challenges to search engine marketers. Content that previously held a top position in the organic section for search terms has been pushed down below by the inclusion of fresh material.

While universal search results were previously confined to text, they now include images, maps, news, and video content. Since these elements influence organic search placing, businesses are compelled to consider social media planning and social media management.

Social Media Management - The basics for developing your social media strategy
Social Media Planning starts with basic questions that are essential for any online business

Twitter IconWho You Sell To Through the Internet

  • Do you understand your business?
  • Do you know your target market?
  • Did you identify your online target audience?
  • Did you analyze your online competition?
  • Did you research and learn more about your customers?

FacebookWhat You Sell Online

  • What’s unique about your products or services?
  • Do people want to buy your products?
  • Will you get a price you want?
  • Can you efficiently deliver what you offer?
  • Can you modify your products for different markets?

Pintrest LogoHow You Sell Online

  • Can your customers easily find your products online?
  • What internet marketing techniques should you use?
  • Do you urge your customers to take action?
  • Do you have an automated follow-up system for prospects?
  • Is it safe to purchase from you online?

The answers to these questions are the foundations to high-impact offline and internet marketing strategies for your business to achieve the best results.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management can add tremendous value to your business. Careful social media planning can result in:

  • Creating a buzz online for your brand
  • Creating an online conversation around your brand with a Social Media

Marketing campaign. Watch your message spread and target customers beyond the reach of traditional media.

  • Creating Momentum Through Real-Time conversations

A front-page position in major social media video and news sites, and generation of traffic through backlinks to your site in minutes creating sales momentum.

  • Compress Costs

Virtually eliminate expensive mainstream advertising costs with a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategy or supplement the strategy with a low-cost marketing campaign at a fraction of the cost.

  • Power up Search Engine Rankings

Use backlinks in your Social Media marketing campaigns and watch your website quickly climb up the social rankings.

  • Ride a wave of recommendations

Online influencers and initiators can add to your business’ exponential growth. Ride the crest of “word-of-mouth” recommendations to broad base your market.

Social Media Management - Social Media Reviews

Worried That Your Social Media Strategy Will End Up Draining Your Finances? Put Your Worries Aside And Get Back On Track With Westrum & Brown's Comprehensive Social Media

Audit & Maximise Your Return On Investment

YoutubeYou’ve finally decided to take the bold step and started your social media journey with a blog for your company. Before you launched the blog, did you ask yourself WHAT you wanted to achieve? Maybe you researched the market and found that blogging is a profitable way to engage your customers online. Or you may have felt that your competitors have started using social media initiatives, and it was time you did something about it.

Unfortunately, many businesses initiate their social media campaigns for the fear they will be left out. In doing so they pick the wrong media and tools to meet their goals. Many businesses also do not document their expectations and have no idea how to measure results. With this approach, and without a social media review it is no surprise that business owners feel that their social media strategy has failed.

Westrum & Brown has designed a Social Media Review procedure that will assess your business and industry environment to determine a Social Media Strategy that meets your requirements. We will examine your business strategy, existing resources, and online communication channels. Upon analyzing this information, we will provide you with a report on how you can use social media to grow your business, with an implementation plan to help you get started. The audit will save you time and money by helping you get started in the most profitable manner so that you begin to see results in a very short time.

Westrum & Brown Social Media Review will include the following:

  • Audit your business in terms of competitive strengths & weaknesses
  • Determine if your business is ready for implementing a social media plan based on current online communication channels
  • Examine if you are in a position to allocate human resources and the level of investment and training required for implementing your social media strategy
  • Assess the available tools that your staff is comfortable using, and their level of expertise with these tools
  • What attention and time your staff can dedicate to social media. Accordingly, we will recommend the best online tools for your unique situation
  • Provide a blueprint for implementing your social media strategy, with the option of hands-on coaching

On completion of the Social Media Review, you will be able to identify your current level of competency and how you can advance to a level of expertise within your industry. Once you receive your report, you have the option of scheduling a one-hour phone consultation and review the report and the best way forward to implement the recommendations.

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