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From the Iowa Legislature homepage:

In 1917, friends of Senator William B. Allison, citizens and school children of Iowa, and the state legislature raised this memorial. A pivotal figure in Iowa's Republican party, Allison (1829-1908) represented Iowa in Congress for 43 years. He was twice a candidate for the presidential nomination of his party and was a close associate of every United States president from Abraham Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt. Evelyn B. Longman of New York designed the monument. A central plaque picturing Allison is flanked by symbols of "Knowledge," "Legislature," and "Financial Prosperity" on the left, and "Peace," "Humanity," and "Agricultural Prosperity" on the right. The topmost figure, symbolizes "The Republic."

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Eldon Westrum Ethel Brown

Westrum & Brown Inc. was founded by Jake Smith. Mr. Smith has been developing web sites and graphic design since 1998.  In 2004 Mr. Smith opened JAKOBIE as his web development firm. By 2007 Mr. Smith became the largest provider in web development for the legal industry in Iowa. At that point Mr. Smith spilt his portfolio up by specific industries under the parent company of Westrum & Brown Inc. Mr. Smith named the firm after his maternal grandparents Eldon Westrum & Ethel Brown from Stratford, Iowa. It was to honor his grandparents for the values and ethics he was brought up with. Mr. Smith continues to provide his clients with the newest technologies at affordable prices for small and medium sized business. The photo of the farmstead on the top of our web site is from the Westrum Farms around 1923 in Stratford, Iowa.


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