Iowa Advertising Agency Call Tracking

Measures the performance of online and offline advertising campaigns
By embedding unique trackable phone numbers from Westrum & Brown in the content of their Web sites, search engine ads, display media, radio or television ads, marketers, agencies, and publishers can measure the performance of their various advertising campaigns. Westrum & Brown's technology transparently routes phone calls to the advertiser's standard business number. Details from the calls--including duration, location, and the time the call was placed.The calls can even be recorded to help assess and improve customer service.

Westrum & Brown's platform provides more than 50 detailed, customizable reports that give our clients invaluable analytics to measure and optimize the effectiveness of their online and offline advertising.

Enables agencies, publishers, and directory Web sites to deliver call-based leads to advertisers
With pay-per-phone-call (PPPC), the advertiser pays only when a call is generated from an advertisement, rather than paying for a click on an online ad or ad placement itself. PPPC generates leads to businesses who do not have a Web site or who prefer to receive phone calls from their online advertising rather than clicks to their Web site.

Converts any "Contact Us" form on a Web site to a source of live phone leads
When a customer submits a completed form over the Internet, a call is immediately generated to a salesperson's desk or cell phone. Text-to-speech technology "reads" the customer's contact information and details from the form to the salesperson. Armed with information submitted on the form, the salesperson can place a call to the customer or save the information and respond later.

Reverse Proxy
Enables all events occurring on a Web site to be tracked and monetized
Marchex seamlessly creates a "proxy" of a Web site and inserts trackable phone numbers, email links, text, and images that enables all events on the site to be tracked and monetized.

Immediately turns a click into an active incoming sales call
By clicking on a click-to-call link, Internet users and mobile users looking for local products and services can make an immediate phone connection with an advertiser. This gives advertisers the opportunity to make the sale, up-sell, provide directions, and offer special promotions to prospective customers.

Westrum & Brown Services Key Differentiators:

Captures ALL calls from advertisers' sites
Missed call notifications and call recording
Easy to integrate API
Rapid deployment
Ensuring the highest quality and reliability with
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and
Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)
Real-Time Reporting

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