Kansas State Capital KS Web Design Attorney Law FirmYour emerging online business is facing a whole new world. You need to acquaint an entirely new set of prospects with your unique goods and services. Your business needs more than a 'presence' on the web; it needs a foundation for growth. With our unique blend of web development, marketing, and education services, Westrum & Brown can help your small business soar to greatness.


Your business is successful because it is unique. Westrum & Brown's design team will work with you to create a custom web design that fits your company, your brand, your industry, and your customer. In short, your face to the world will be just that - yours.


Business-driven changes to your site are required every day. You shouldn't have to rely on someone else's schedule to get appropriate changes made. Maintain control of daily web-related business functions through Westrum & Brown's intuitive central management interface - without ever typing a line of code.

Increase qualified traffic with Search Engine Optimization
Westrum & Brown knows from experience that conversion rates for customers coming into your site through organic search results have an exponentially higher rate of conversion. Simply put, these prospects are looking for what you have. Achieving a high ranking in popular search engines starts with the way your site is built. Westrum & Brown does it right. Our sites get crawled and indexed. Period.


The fastest way to grow your business is to open new markets. An effective web site lets you present your products and services to thousands of potential customers every day. To compare to a physical location, moving your business online is like moving from a small-town strip mall to a prime spot in the Mall of America. A Westrum & Brown site is a powerful online location that easily handles the kind of traffic that will grow your business.


Research shows that informed customers spend more both online and in store. In fact, Forrester Research estimates that cross-channel sales will grow to represent 38% of total retail sales by 2012. Showcasing your goods and services is vital for driving purchases both in store and online. Westrum & Brown's industry-leading product merchandising capabilities let potential customers explore your products and services to find the information that motivates them to buy.


Experienced internet retailers know that complicated processes can kill a purchase faster than you can say "where's the cart?" Westrum & Brown's streamlined and secure checkout process makes it easy for your customers to add to cart, view their purchases, and buy, buy, buy!


The tools you use for business should encourage growth, not hold you back. Westrum & Brown's platform is easily scalable. With the addition of any combination of customizable components, needed functionality can be added at any point, without disruption. Whether your business doubles, triples, or grows exponentially, we'll be right beside you all the way.


Some development companies will set up your site and walk away, leaving you to muddle your way through. Not at Westrum & Brown. Our team of professionals will lead you through the process with step by step instructions on building your department structure, managing your orders, and marketing your site. You'll receive personalized, hands-on instruction in best practices for managing an e-commerce site in Westrum & Brown and the web in general. Get stuck? Our team is always a phone call away!

"Exclusivity Has Its Benefits Even In Technology."

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